In addition to crafting articles for print and online publications, I am also available to work with businesses and individuals in need of a strong writer. Areas of expertise include:                            

  • Web Content

  • CEO profiles, artist and musician profiles, etc.

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Social media content

  • Company Profiles

If you need writing or media assistance for your business, organization, or special project, feel free to contact me.

I believe the key to getting your written message across is doing it a warm, friendly, engaging style with just the right tone to convey your unique style and personality. 

I also believe in getting to the point.

So many times I see content on websites  or in various publications that will goes on and on without touching on the information most relevant to the reader until very deep into the copy. By then, that reader is long gone. 

You can reach me via email at or by filling out the form below.                               

I look forward to hearing from you!

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